Find a true Scrum Master job!

ScrumMatch is the job platform for Scrum Masters, run by Scrum Masters. On ScrumMatch true Scrum Masters get hired by companies serious about Scrum.

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Companies contact you for Scrum Master jobs

ScrumMatch turns recruiting upside down: Instead of you applying for Scrum Master jobs, companies using ScrumMatch find your Scrum Master profile and contact you.

Compare offers and choose the best

ScrumMatch makes transparent how you and the companies match on Scrum maturity, Scrum experience and expectations, so that you can choose the best Scrum Master job.

Get personal career advice

Our Scrum experts have interviewed, trained and coached hundreds of Scrum Masters. We use our expertise to help you understand and grow your Scrum maturity, so you can land your dream job as a true Scrum Master.

We assess how serious companies are about Scrum

ScrumMatch works with Scrum Trainers (PST) at to assess the Scrum maturity of companies. Is a company serious about Scrum or is it a waterfall organization in disguise? Our assessment provides you with valuable insights so you can make the right decision.

Find a true Scrum Master job in just a few steps:

  1. Create your Scrum Master profile
  2. Complete the ScrumMatch review and get feedback
  3. Become visible and get interviews with employers
  4. Meet employers and get job offers
  5. Accept the best job offer

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ)

  • What is a true Scrum Master?

    A true Scrum Master leads their Scrum Team to deliver more value sooner. A Scrum Master who achieves everything else but not this is not really a Scrum Master.

  • What qualifies ScrumMatch to review Scrum Masters?

    ScrumMatch is run by acting Scrum Masters who have been studying, practicing and teaching Scrum since 2005. Among the Scrum Masters who do the review we also have Professional Scrum Trainers (PST) from, the organization of the Scrum co-founder Ken Schwaber.

  • How does ScrumMatch review a true Scrum Master?

    ScrumMatch reviews Scrum Masters in three ways:

    1. Through the ScrumMatch profile which Scrum Masters complete after registering on the platform;
    2. Through an interview with other experienced true Scrum Masters;
    3. Through a case study that highlights typical challenges Scrum Masters will encounter when using Scrum.

    ScrumMatch is not about the review, it is about what comes after it. We want you to find a true Scrum Master job at a company that is serious about Scrum, which is why we will use the review to give you helpful feedback so you can inspect, adapt and grow as a Scrum Master!

  • Can ScrumMatch help me find a job as a freelance or employed Scrum Master?

    Yes. ScrumMatch supports the following types of work:

    • Self-employed / freelance Scrum Masters seeking new projects.
    • Scrum Masters seeking permanent employment with an organization.
    • Scrum Masters employed by a service company that provides Scrum Masters to other companies.

  • Is ScrumMatch for free?

    ScrumMatch is a "pay what you want" service. After you pass our review, you can choose to use our service for free or pay an amount you deem appropriate. Whether you use our service for free or for a fee has no effect on our review and the results.

  • Got another question?

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