Hire true Scrum Masters who actually deliver results!

ScrumMatch is the recruiting platform where employers find true Scrum Masters who have been evaluated by Scrum experts. Maximize your hiring success and avoid expensive hiring mistakes with ScrumMatch!

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Find true Scrum Masters who actually deliver value

Let’s be honest, most Scrum Masters don’t deliver a lot of value. For example, they focus on fancy facilitation methods while their team struggles to create a working version of their product every Sprint. We help you find the Scrum Masters that do deliver value. We evaluate every Scrum Master, so that you can be sure you will only find true Scrum Masters on ScrumMatch.

Save time and costs in recruiting Scrum Masters

Hiring Scrum Masters on ScrumMatch is faster and cheaper than doing it yourself or using headhunters: Our Scrum experts evaluate and verify every Scrum Master profile, so you can hire from a curated pool of true Scrum Masters instead of sifting through applications yourself.

Get advice from our Scrum experts

ScrumMatch employs Scrum experts with a track record in product delivery and Professional Scrum Trainers from Scrum.org, so you can hire true Scrum Masters that deliver value:

We assess the maturity of every Scrum Master through tests, interviews and case studies.
We match you with Scrum Masters who have the right Scrum maturity to help your company.
We can join your interviews on your side of the table to give you our expert advice.

Hiring Scrum Masters on ScrumMatch is easy:

  1. Talk to our customer success manager
  2. Sign up and create your company profile
  3. Find and interview true Scrum Masters
  4. Choose the best Scrum Masters
  5. Make an offer and sign them up